26 June 2008

Experience Certainty ...TCS

Experience Certainty ...TCS
Finally I'm in TCS, a long quest for success. Though my major is electronics engineering, but getting placed in tcs is also a possession worth prized. I've just passed my 3rd year and got a job in TCS-Tata Consultancy Services: Asia biggest IT company with an annual turnover of $5.71 billions, with 111,047 employees and operating in 50 countries all over the world, alliances with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, HP and Motorola.
The whole placement procedure took only 2 days in our college "Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering, PUNE, India" on 25th and 26th june. It consisits of 3 rounds which u have to clear to get into TCS. These rounds are as follows. I've shared my views on how to crack each round with full confidence and also how to get into TCS. 1] Apptitude Test_ This is the easiest round, It takes place on computer online. It consists of Three divisions/sections : a) Verbal: It mainly consists of English questions (synonyms & antonyms) and two paragraphs lengthy one. This section is a bit tough as u have to go through a long list of english words, mainly the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS from GRE Barrons, any edition. Also u need to prepare for this for a long time so that u don't get confused with words. Antonyms are more tougher than synonyms. b) Quantitative Aptitude:This section consists of maths questions which are very easy but u have to go through them very quickly, so u need to have a good practice of those questions. For a better understanding of these questions just go through any aptitude book like, R.S. Aggarwal's Quantitative aptitude and Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning books. But still u can get through these questions very easily if u try the previous questions from Freshersworld.com. The questions are mostly repetitive but sometimes the numbers/data get changed. c) Analytical Reasoning:This section is really tough but u can score good if u have a good analytical skills, but the questions asked are really tricky so u must have a good practice of the questions. The questions based on family relationship are really tricky. But still there is a 2nd way out. The questions are directly from GRE BARRONS 12h edition Model-Test paper 1 to5. So just go through those model test papers and u can easily figure out all the questions of this section, which is otherwise relly tough to make. The result is just out as ur time allotted of one and a half hour ends. Either u'll see "Congratulations! U've cleared the TCS Aptitude test" which i saw after my test, Thanks God, or u'll see "Thanks for taking the TEST". 2] Technical Interview_ This is really tough as it depends upon ur luck weather u got a good and easy panel of interviewer or a strict one. Whatever it may be, but u've to know all the basics of ur branch and good communication skills. If u know Computer languages then its quite good, but u must know them very well not just an overview. Never lie to ur panel also just be little witty with ur answers and also u must have a good and valuable reason for all ur points either written in ur resume or which u r speaking. The questions asked by me in Technical round are as follows: Q] How are u feeling? A] Stressed but Confident. Q] Describe urself. A] I'm sushant Verma, my major is Electronics engineering and i'm from Samastipur,BIHAR. I can describe myself as Honest, afable and aplomb. I believe in self realization, rational thinking, team work and taking the bull by the horns. My hobbies are blogging, soving rubiks cube and reading novels and playing Computer games like age of empires. I want to join TCS as it is the asia's largest IT company and i want to start my professional life with TCS, moreover Experience Certainty is everything an employe need. Other questions were from my branch electronics and some reasoning questions. 3] HR & MR interview_ This is really a good round were in u can give all the dimensions to ur thoughts, all the questions will be new and unexpected. But u can go through this round if u have a good reasoning and thinking ability. Finally the result were out and i was among the other 122 selected out of 340 students. Thanks to God and my Parents., for a better support and unending support. The package we get is 3.15lakhs per annum. TCS rocks.
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