11 June 2008

IITs - Manufacturing Plants?

IITs - Manufacturing Plants?

You love IITs - why?

Count the reasons; account for the conclusions. ..

It's truly a daring might to call IITs as the factories of social plight. Do you know how many students get admission in IITs? 5,000 approx. But I don't call them students - I call them raw materials - fresh and healthy. These raws get manufactured into different types of products.

Some major products and their avg. rates are :

1. Computer Engineer
a. IIT Kanpur - 10 lacs per annum
b. IIT Bombay - 11 lacs per annum
c. IIT Delhi - 9 lacs per annum

2. Electronic Engineer
a. IIT Kanpur - 8 lacs per annum
b. IIT Bombay - 8 lacs per annum
c. IIT Delhi - 7 lacs per annum

3. Mech. Engineer
a. IIT Kanpur - 7 lacs per annum
b. IIT Bombay - 7 lacs per annum
c. IIT Delhi - 7 lacs per annum

I can't write more - it is quite abashing.

These products are placed for auction in colleges for MNCs to buy them.

Now, guess what kind of life is this where there is no loyalty.
These job hunters from engineering colleges leave their own company and join the other just because of the the small amount of

Money money, money. What is it?

Is this the fact that IIT'ians are mean and greedy?

I hope not....

For Patna'ites - How many of you have ever thought for the development work in your own town, city and state - only a few.

I am sorry!

IIT'ians are not for themselves but for the "company" - the whole and sole word which they have hanged on to their Adam's Apple.

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