20 June 2008

Karan Johar is now a blogger!!!

Like his colleagues Amtiabh Bachchan [Blog]and Aamir Khan[blog], ace filmmaker Karan Johar has also started blogging, but says he is doing it to put his thoughts into writing rather than vocalising them all the time.

'I've always been a closet writer. I've been offered newspaper columns that I almost did, but never got down to.'

'I feel a blog would be a good way to express my thoughts on cinema. Things that don't routinely get space in the traditional media outlets these days,' added the director who is all set to direct his next 'My Name is Khan' with Shah Rukh Khan.

Karan promises to be regular.

'But not compulsive. I don't see myself blogging from my sets when I start shooting 'Khan...' or when I'm abroad for my various events.'

Once a week on the blog is all you'll get of Karan.

'I've a staff to take care of the blog. And I certainly won't be peering anxiously into it every day. And the blog isn't to discuss my daily routine or my sexuality, although both may crop up when the need arises. But I'm not turning blogger to blabber about my life. God knows, I do enough of that on a daily basis.'

So is it lucrative?

'You mean am I getting paid to write the blog? Who's going to pay me to hear me talk on the net when there's so much of the Karan Johar wisdom being spewed in every possible place? No, I'm doing the blog for free.'

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