09 May 2010

HOW TO HAVE A MARKET SENTIMENT? below are the abstracts joining the uncertainty of a common man whether he should or should not invest in the market today’s with examples of those who are successive & those whose sentiments changed their earth marble



"The market sentiment will remain bearish in the coming week. The weak global cues are constantly deteriorating. The market may find support at around 4900 levels but an upside is highly doubtful," said Harding



The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex fell further by over 88 points in opening trade today as foreign funds as well as investors continued to sell stocks amid a weakening global trend.


Though we realize the market do we ever get caught amidst the mourners or to rejoice the event but is it true what is given below-

MARKET AS A PERSON-"Market is looking for reasons to correct after the recent rally has taken the equity markets ahead of their valuations," Reliance Securities said.

"The liquidity and higher risk appetite had fuelled the rally, which is now getting punctured by immediate concerns continuing, even after the resolution, related to European debt.

Yes it is true though a common man hinders from the senses of the sensex-,market gives its own feelings to the livings of all. However it may even give us gutful of haunting tremors.

MARKET AS A HAUNTER-Weak global sentiment continues to haunt markets across the world and today's fall in domestic equity market is in the same line. The trend will continue for some more sessions," SMC Global vice-president Rajesh Jain said.

How do people feel haunted with an example-

SENSEX IN RELATION TO PERSONS-here is nothing that makes Andheri, Mumbai-based Tarun Shah, who has been investing small amounts in the stock markets for a few years, happier than a stock-split in a heavily priced blue-chip.

 "If a company's share price is more than the three figure mark, a stock split makes it possible for me to buy a few shares," he says. 
He and others like him have had plenty to smile about over the last couple of months with a stock split being announced at an average of one every four days

Yes, it is true that like Jesus gave us words while crucification,we might get fear innovative.

TENSION-A stock split is generally applied to shares considered expensive in order to make them more attractive through the price which is reduced due to the split. If a share with a price of Rs 1,000 has a 1:5 split, then it would be divided into five shares each with a value of Rs 200.

The move is generally seen to improve the liquidity of a scrip since more investors participate due to the smaller ticket size, and are also seen as a sentiment booster since they express confidence on the part of the management to distribute dividends on stocks in the days to come.

RELAXATION-"It shows that the management is comfortable in its ability to raise earnings and is also reflective of the improving business environment," said Shahina Mukadam, director at Varun Capital Markets


Painstaking jokes don't haunt me but sensex does because of the new funds that we cant turn to a trend mostly.



Other companies which have been splitting their shares are Tata Tea, Manappuram General Finance and Leasing, Sterlite, Vipul, Tatia Global, Scanpoint Geomatics, Engineers India, Interface Financial Services, Kabra Extrusion, Bodal Chemicals, Bafna Spinning Mills and Exports, Veritas India, Jay Shree Tea and Genesis International. Kotak Mahindra Bank is also set to consider a stock split in its board meeting scheduled to be held on May 11. Earlier stock splits were used by companies coming out with initial public offers in order to make their stock appear cheap.



According to Mr Christopher Spelman, Whole-time Director and Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan Asset Management, the results of the latest investment confidence survey suggested "a sense of measured optimism" from the financial community.


Though it did not become a sentiment, the measure of it-could it be marketed-



"The investor Confidence Index (ICI) decreased 5.2 points to 141.2 in February 2010, driven by concerns that the fallout of the financial crisis is still incomplete."


Is my sentiment all it or an investment?



The survey has stated that 60 per cent of investors expect their investment income to rise and they expect to make additional investments in the next six months.

Corporate confidence declined 11.8 points and advisor confidence fell 5.8 point

Though my sentimental calculation to a market was not accurate-

BUT WHY TO BUY THEN-Investors who offloaded shares yesterday amid weak sentiments, today bought back at cheaper prices, helping the market to move up," Unicon Financial CEO Gajendra Nag pal said

Nothing to anxiety about, but be a part of the system, market, nature etc will turn your sentiment to a bright sunny day or turn your sun not pale -but investing in market,bear & bull are trends & so is the human civilization about the men who conquer but those who loose.


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Saturday, May 8, 2010 2:45 IST

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