11 May 2010

THE MORNING EXCERCISES-MAKE REST LIFE TENSIONLESS: THIS is a fitness article, teaching fit & easy life & how to become synergetic through the internet.

The key is getting exercise whenever you can, whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, but by starting your morning with physical activity, you set the day's pace. You get your exercise in before other distractions can intrude.

When you exercise early in the morning, it jump starts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours, sometimes up to 24 hours! That means you're burning more calories all day long just because you exercised in the morning!

When you exercise in the morning, you'll find that because of the increased intake of oxygen and circulation of blood in your body, you'll stay energized for the whole day. It will automatically put you in a healthy frame of mind. Whatever other things you may have on your schedule, you will notice that you will be eager and energetic to handle them.

Research has proven that people who exercise in the mornings tend to be the ones most consistent in their fitness regimes and diets.

Some exercise techniques are-

1The exercise that they do is called the burpee. Why is it called that? Well probably because it was invented by Lieutenant Thomas Burpee who served in the militia during the American Revolutionary War. It is very similar to many callisthenic exercises done by people serving in the armed forces, but it is extra simple and quick. Here is how to do one burpee:

Start in a standing position with your arms stretched up overhead, palms of hands together.

Step 1: Drop down into a squat with hands flat on the floor in front of you.

Step 2: Kick your feet back and go down into a pushup.

Step 3: Come up from pushup and jump feet forward.

Step 4: Jump up high and straight, clapping hands above your head.

2here are three main muscle groups that we need to consider when working on our back. These are:

1. Traps (trapezius), which run from the neck across the shoulder blades. A second important group of upper back muscles is the rhomboids.

2. Lats (latissimus dorsi), which means 'broadest muscle of the back'. These are triangular, with one point under the arm, another at the spine above the waist, and the third at the top of the hip.

3. Erector spinae, which run either side of the spine. When they are strong they help to prevent lower back pain and injury.

The 'bent over row' is a great back exercise for traps, rhomboids and lats that you can do at home, either with or without weights.

If you have dumbbells that you can use when you do back exercises at home, take one in each hand and bend forward from the waist with knees slightly bent. Your back can be anywhere between a 45 degree angle and 90 degrees (parallel with the floor); arms straight down but without locking the elbows. If you do not have dumbbells you can use small plastic bottles filled with water.

Lift and then lower the weights in a steady rowing motion, bending the elbows until the upper arm is in line with the body. Lower arms still hang straight down. Try to keep shoulders relaxed, not up around the ears.

Aim for up to 3 sets of 5-16 reps

3So having said that, let's look at some examples of actual chest exercises.

For the pecs of course you want the bench press. Using the flat bench press, change your grip so that you are not always doing the same moves. A wide grip will work the lower pecs, while a close grip will focus on the inner chest, followed by the triceps and upper chest later in the move.

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise

  • Improves Bone Calcium
  • Improves Blood High Density Cholesterol
  • Improves Handling Of Excess Heat
  • Increases Hemoglobin
  • Improves Resistance To Cold
  • Decreases Blood Tri-glycerides
  • Emotional Lift
  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Decreases Insulin Requirement
  • Increases Glycogen Storage
  • Less Conversion Of Sugar To Fat
  • Increases Stroke Volume of Heart
  • Decreases Resting Heart Rate
  • Avoid Senility - Increases Oxygen Delivery To Brain
  • Increased Oxygen Pickup In The Lungs
  • Increases Fat Burning Enzymes
  • Fat Deposits Release Fatty Acids Better
  • Better Control Of Hunger
  • Decreases Body Fat
  • Decreases Stress (Attitude)
  • Increases Ability To Handle Stress (Biochemical)
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Easier To Exercise
  • Increases Aerobic Threshold (Endurance)
  • Higher Level Of Exercise Possible
  • More Calories Burned
  • More Fat Calories Burned
  • More Calories Required At Rest
  • Decreases Load On The Heart
  • Decreases Muscle Dependence On Sugar
  • Decreases Incidence of Hypoglycemia 
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