25 May 2010


It is this very same powerhouse of talent who, after endorsing a million products, has now been signed up as the Brand Ambassador for Rin washing powder. Sources close to Bollywood Hungama told us, "Kajol has been paid a bomb to endorse Rin. The reason why she was chosen by the officials was purely because of her talent, squeaky clean image and her ability to connect with the audience of all age groups."

The source also added that she might just be signing on the dotted lines for yet another Brand Ambassadorship for a FMCG brand. Great going Kajol!

After having launched a thousand (well... make that a million plus) products with her ravishing smile, Katrina Kaif is now all set to do it all over again, this time round with the prestigious Lux soap. The news of Kats becoming brand ambassador has really many minds thinking since till now it was the eternal beauty Aishwarya Rai who was at the helm of things for the said soap brand, for long time now.

Also the last time round, it was the very same Kats who replaced Ash as the face for the Nakshatra range of jewelry. Kats will be endorsing 'Lux Purple Lotus & Cream', a soap infused with anti-ageing properties.

The good news for all the 'Shazahn-ites' (need we say who they are!) is that this pretty girl has been signed up as the brand ambassador for Skechers, one of the leading shoe manufactures globally. Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Shazahn confirmed saying, "Yes, I have been chosen as the brand ambassador for Skechers. I have shot for a print ad, which will be out soon." One of our confirmed sources added that the reason why Shazahn was chosen was the fact that 'The company needed a fresh face that can express a thousand emotions with even uttering a word. And also that the said brand was a thousand times careful while choosing their first Indian brand ambassador as its one of the most premium and respectable brands globally.

After having being chosen as the brand ambassador for a million products, Akki is all set to lend his 'Phase Value', this time round to the electronics major LG.

Bollywood Hungama's confirmed sources said, "Akki was always an immediate choice for the said brand, after Abhishek Bachchan." Rumors have it that Abhi's contract was not renewed because he insisted on having his better half Aishwarya Rai as a part of the deal, which LG officials were not too forthcoming about. That's the reason they chose Akshay over Abhishek."

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