20 May 2010

Kites' was supposed to release last year but got delay.

'Kites' premiered at the AMC Empire in Times Square on Sunday night. The premiere was attended by Hrithik, Barbara, director Anurag Basu, producer Rakesh Roshan, music director Rajesh Roshan and film celebs like Karan Johar and Mira NairThe fans of Hrithik Roshan in New York had waited for this day for long. The New York premiere of Kites at AMC Empire theatre, Times Square, turned out to be an affair to remember for both the star and the fans.

Though Hrithik and his co-star Barbara Mori were fashionably late for the event, fans were bustling in the busy Times Square area across the 42nd street since morning to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

More than a Bollywood film, 'Kites' also has the elements of a film for world audiences and that's what Brett Ratner (editor of films like 'Rush Hour') felt. When Ratner saw 'Kites', he thought that it's an Indian film that can easily appeal to western audience.

The Hindi movie is actually 130 minutes long. Ratner has edited it to a 90-min long sleeker, racier version of the original with less drama. And Ratner was also sure about the Hrithik-Barbara pairing, who were not American stars but have the appeal and chemistry that will work in Hollywood. His 'Kites Remix' version will release on May 28. "Kites should resonate with Mexican audiences because Barbara Mori is a popular Mexican telenovela actress. The part of the film which segues into Mexico will have a big appeal." But both of them remain unperturbed by the gossip.

If Barbara has said that she's used to being linked with her co-stars back in her home country Mexico as well, Hrithik has clarified that his wife Sussanne knows the truth and that is all he cares. In fact, Hrithik doesn't mince words in praising Barbara to heights. "...I was completely bowled over. She has a lot of sex appeal as well. And that is a lethal combination!" Hrithik is quoted to have said. rithik said: "She has met many of my friends from within and out of the industry... They all love her. Everyone wants to marry Barbara!"

But the sad thing is that Barbara doesn't believe in marriages. She already has a son out of the wedlock and is happy being a single, unmarried mother.
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