09 May 2010



What's up the boss-are you going to give us more brand types in mobile-qualities. Am I fed up or I consider you more boss.Hey, bosses you will not get bored –what does the consumers have to say on it.

Yups, the demand of mobile lets give it a revelers-

I fold the wrapper to the demand of new upcoming mobiles first- Mobile phones in India are undergoing a positive resurgence. The telecom industry is most sought after for its unmatched adaptation of technology for communication. There are 25 million users of mobile phones in India. This astounding number is bound to increase with major players like NokiaSony EricssonMotorolaSamsung, etc which often introduce advanced yet user friendly models of mobile phones in India

Technology never ceases to upgrade and looses its validity if left to stagnate. The growing list of upcoming mobiles in India, from leading manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson justify the fact that telecommunications industry is in a constant state of change. Upcoming mobile phones are subject to speculation, examination and a host of other assumptions which are put to rest, by sources that preview the upcoming mobile phones.

Rs. 7,999


Rs. 8,500


Rs. 31,500


Rs. 1,200


Rs. 1,600


Rs. 1,794


Rs. 9,199


Rs. 7,000


Rs. 25,500


Rs. 5,000


Rs. 7,099


Rs. 36,000


Rs. 17,000


Rs. 19,000


Rs. 10,000


Rs. 16,225


Rs. 15,000


In 2009 it was written that mobile phones will be at an increasing rate of demand growth,uptill today as per prediction the number of brands has grown to a significant number. What is the reason for the growth of new brands-yes it could be the growing popularity of the low price bracket phones able to certify within the rural pockets as an area of concentration. Or is it the availability of an endless demand of new customers due to the fashion of two mobiles with a person.


Reducing call rates, availability of affordable handsets, extending coverage area and increase in the operators' portfolio of Value-Added Services (VAS) are some of the key factors responsible for sustainable growth in the Indian mobile handset market. These factors are positively impacting the mobile handset market, with the flurry of low cost handsets featuring color screen and camera phones being sold for as low as Rs 1,000

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, "The high growth expectations in the sales of mobile handsets have brought a sigh of relief for market players who are experiencing the impact of global recession. This will also draw several big multinational companies to the Indian market to churn out profits."


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