25 May 2010

SHOULD RUCHIKA DEPEND FOR HELP OR RATHORE SHOULD-IT was a tough battle for Ruchicas family to brave out against the DGP of Haryana,molestor of ruchika


After around half-an-hour of chaos, additional district and sessions judge Gurbir Singh had to return to his court room to clarify as per CrPC, a convict can not immediately demand a copy of the judgement in the courtroom itself. His lawyer will have to apply before the court to get a certified copy for an appeal laterRathore tried another trick to delay the imprisonment saying he had an appointment with the PGI director KK Talwar at 4 pm. There is no independent confirmation of Rathore's claim about the appointment as of now.

With the Chandigarh district court on Tuesday dismissing his appeal against his conviction and six-month sentence,twith the Chandigarh district court on Tuesday dismissing his appeal against his conviction and six-month sentence. The court also enhanced his sentence from six months to one-and-a-half years (18 months).

Ruchika Girhotra was molested by Rathore on August 11, 1990. She committed suicide in December 1993, following harassment by Rathore. A prolonged fight for justice followed, led by Ruchika's father S C Girhotra and Ruchika's close friend Aradhana Gupta. Ruchika's family and the CBI had also filed petitions seeking enhancement of the sentence to maximum two years

Battling for justice for 20 years, the family Ruchika Girhotra on Tuesday voiced satisfaction over the court enhancing the sentence of her molester former DGP SPS Rathore but said their fight would continue till he is is charged with abetment of her suicide. Anand Prakash, father of Ruchika's friend Aradhana Gupta, who had helped the family wage the legal battle said the verdict proved that even "powerful" people like Rathore could not escape from the law of the land.

"We are satisfied with the court's order," he said, adding they were ready to continue the fight for justice. A sessions court today enhanced the sentence of Rathore from six months to 18 months in jail for molesting 14-year-old Ruchika, a budding tennis player, in Panchkula on August 12, 1990. Three years after the incident, Ruchika had committed suicide. Molester former DGP of Haryana SPS Rathore tried his best on Tuesday to drag his feet before going to jail forcing the judge to come back to his chamber again to send Rathore to Burail Jail that once housed former PM Chadrashekhar during Emergency.


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