20 May 2010

At least five American soldiers wounded and seven guerrillas dead.

The Taliban reports appeared exaggerated, as they often are. But American officials confirmed that the base, one of the largest in Afghanistan, had come under an ambitious and unusual assault. An American official said that the base had come under attack by as many as many as 30 insurgents. American officials said that the attack had ended by midmorning Tuesday.

The Bagram base, located about 50 miles north of Kabul, the capital, is one of the main hubs of the American campaign in Afghanistan. Bagram serves as the headquarters for the military's efforts in eastern Afghanistan. It is ringed by several layers of defenses. That attack — and the one on Bagram on Wednesday — appeared to be part of a larger campaign directed at the capital and its environs. In recent days, the Taliban have smuggled five suicide bombers into the area, an American military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Bagram has come under attack before, most notably in February 2007, during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney. A suicide bomber struck outside the gates and killed 23 people. Mr. Cheney, a mile away, was not harmed.

An explode at 8 am,at Kabul,with huge fire.NATO's -6 soldiers were killed.Security is being tried to be improved in Kabul.The Taliban were responsible,750 kgs of explosives were found,to intensify attacks against foreign troops.Amongst victims civilians are also panicing.Hazib Abdullah was driving the bus when the sucide bombers injured 25 victims who have been hospatialized.Relatives met the injured at the nearby hospital.

According to a viewer-The explosions cannot be accepted.Negotiations are being held with the Taliban.The attack happened near a famous building of old conflict called daru assalem palace.


Nato-led troops in Afghanistan have been fighting off an attack on the Bagram air base near the capital, Kabul. Officials say several of the attackers have been killed.

The Bagram base, one of the biggest in Afghanistan, is manned mainly by American troops.

The attack comes after the Taliban announced a spring offensive against the Afghan government and foreign forces

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Isaf's Brigadier General Josef Blotz has said the suicide car bomb attack which killed and injured Nato soldiers and Afghan civilians in Kabul was not "a preventable incident".

He told the BBC a "determined suicide bomber... is very hard to prevent".

He added he believed the Afghans, responsible for security in Kabul since the end of 2008, were "able to live up to their mission", saying there had not been such an incident "for a long time"

Most of the victims were Afghan civilians caught in the blast.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the rush-hour attack in the west of the city, close to the parliament.

Mark Sedwill started his job as Nato's Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan last January and is working closely alongside Nato's military command and the Afghan government.

He says the next year will be crucial in making progress against the Taliban and strengthening Afghan political and civil institutions.


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