16 May 2010

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Diu has inspired me to write this post. Diu is not just another island of India. It is probably one of the most peaceful islands of Indian subcontinent. If you are a person born and raised in a metropolitan, if you are a serious traveler than you would fall in love with this paradise. I have tried my best to provide maximum travel information in this blog about Diu.

LOCATION: Diu is an Island city, district and a part on union territory. Diu is located in the southern region of Saurashtra. Saurashtra region is the western part of Gujarat state in India. Diu is separated from the mainland Gujarat by a tidal creek. With 3 beautiful beaches around it, Diu is not a part of Gujarat. Diu is administrated by the central government. It has an area of 40 square kilometers.


HISTORY: No history is available about since when the island is inhabited. In 1535 the emperor of Gujarat allowed Portuguese to construct a fort and maintain a garrison on the island. He allowed Portuguese to build a fort as a part of building a defensive alliance against the emperor of India, Humayun. Diu was under the Portuguese rule from 1545 until 1961.The Indian army got the island back from Portuguese in 1961
A MAJOR TOURIST SPOT : Because of sunny beaches and beautiful sunset, Diu attracts a lot of tourists. Nagoa beach, Chakrateerth beach and Ghoghla beach are 3 best beaches in Diu. There are 3 churches and a Shiv Temple. A seashell museum, bird watch tower, Diu fort, fortim-do-mar (Pani kotha), the caves of Nayda are main attractions of Diu. Tourism is the heart of Diu. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

Nagoa beach: is a horseshoe shaped beach with various water sports facilities. A perfect and safe beach to swim and rest in the sunny weather. Napping under palm trees in cool breeze makes the experience memorable.
Ghoghla beach: is the largest and gentlest beach of Diu. You can do swimming, sunbathing, parasailing, surfing etc.

Chakrateerth beach: although no watersports and other activities are available, you can love the sandy beach. It has a beautiful sunset point and a memorial of Indian battleship INS Khukri which was destroyed by Pakistan in the 1971 war (It was the only Indian ship destroyed by Pakistan in the battle) http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/


Gangeshwar Mahadev: Gangeshwar Mahadev is 3 kilometers from the Jethibai Bus Terminus of Diu. This beautiful and sacred place has 5 shiv-lingams. The Shiv-lingam gets an abhishek by the ocean when it is on high tide. The legend is that the Pandavas worshipped load Shiva here during their exile.
St.Paul's Church: St.Paul is a beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary. Built in 1610. It is perhaps one of the most elaborated Portuguese churches in India. The architecture style is lot like the churches of Goa. It is known for one of the best craftsmanship on the wood. St.Paul church would attract those seeking peace and god.
St.Francis Church: This church was built in 1593. It is still a place to worship. However, the cloister is used as a hospital.

St.Thomas Church: It was built in Gothic style in 1598. Been converted into a museum, it has stone carving from earlier rulers, wooding carving, idols and antique statues. It looks beautiful in the evening when multicolored fountains and special lighting decorates the building.

Fortim-do-mar (Pani kotha) : A stone structure (a fort) built between the sea. Approximately a nautical mile from the mainland Diu. It also has a lighthouse and a place dedicated to the lady of the sea. Tourist boats are available to reach the Pani kotha.
Sea Shell museum: A unique and amazing museum for lovers of ocean life. Sea shells and several interesting sea creatures are displayed under the magnifying glass. There are approximately 2500 seashells in the museum.

Diu Fort: Among all the places, the Diu fort has a prominent position in the places of tourist interest. It is a huge and impressive structure. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 by the Portuguese, the fort has gorgeous view of the sea and Panikotha. You feel the history and battle fought by gallant soldiers.
INS Khukri Memorial: It was inaugurated on 15th December, 1999 in memory of the heroic sailors and officer who chose not to stop fighting and leave ship until it completely sank. INS Khukri was a frigate of the Indian navy. In the war of 1971 three torpedoes shot by Pakistani navy sank it. It sank 40 nautical miles from Diu taking down 8 officers and 186 sailors. Except having a chance to save his life, captain Mahendra Nath Mulla (Mahavir Chakra winner) chose to go down with the warship. An example of spirit and courage of Indian navy officers. It was the one and the only ship destroyed by the Pakistani navy. Indian navy finished the whole Pakistani navy and the port of Karachi in just 48 hours. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

SPEACIAITY - Those who are interested in food, Diu has a special variety for them which is found no where else in the country. It is called Hoka (Hyphoena indica) the only Indian tree which has African genus. Portuguese brought them from Africa. Surprisingly Diu has a great number of these trees. Probably because it is believed that the western part of Gujarat (the Saurashtra region) was the part of African mainland in Triassic age. The fruit of Hoka tree is tasty and edible. Hoka fruits are believed to be good for hearts. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

TRANSPORTATION: Rickshaws, private buses and cars are available in Diu. However, the best way to explore Diu is on Bicycle or a motorcycle. Your can hire a Bicycle at $1.00 (approximately Rs.50.00) a day and Motorcycle at $3.00 (approximately Rs.150.00) a day.

By air: Diu has an operational airport of Jet airways. There is a flight from Mumbai to Diu twice a week.

By train: The nearest major railway station is Veraval which is 90 kilometers from Diu. Veraval is connected to major cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai. There are two daily trains to Veraval from Ahmedabad. More information on Indian Railways Website

By road: Private Luxury Coaches, Gujarat State transport buses are available from every major city of western India. Gujarat State Road Transport (Bus) Website

WHERE TO STAY: Diu has a wide range of hotels offering comfortable accommodation and food. From a 3 star hotel costing $60.00 per day to a discount hotel costing $6.00 per day. Below is the list of good hotels to stay:
3 star hotels and Resorts : (Rs.1400 to Rs.3000. Approximately $30.00 to $70.00) The Azzaro resortThe Radhika beach resort , The Sugati beach resort and Hotel Kohinoor

Delux hotels : (Rs,1000 to Rs.1700. Approximately $20.00 to $34.00) The Hoka resort, Hotel Ankur, Hotel Galaxy, Hotel Triveni and Hotel Alishan
Discount / Budget hotels : (Rs.500 to Rs.800. Approximately $12.00 to $20.00) -Hotel Aavkar and Hotel Sukoon.

FAMOUS PLACE NEARBY : The Jyotirlingam of Somnath is 2 hours from Diu. It is one of most important Shiva temples in India. It attracts 100,000 tourists every year.

Diu is also known for its seafood and liquor. As the Gujarat state has prohibition on liquor, the liquor lovers visit Diu to enjoy.
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