15 May 2010

Lalu in popular culture : Lalu prasad yadav,how he is a success amongst peoples confined popularity is briefed with examples oi his propaganda in this article below.

Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav is a Bollywood Film featuring Sunil Shetty released in 2005. The title, which comprises the names of the four lead characters, is meant to be a pun on Laloo Prasad Yadav, an Indian Politician.

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar it features Suniel Shetty as Laloo, who suffers from 'SCHIZOPHRENIA' a psychological disorder, wherein he goes out of control when he sees a good looking girl, forgetting the love of his life Padma (Mausmi Makhija). Laloo works for a local don - Uncle Tom. On a mission for Uncle Tom, he encroaches on Tom's girlfriend Rita. Uncle Tom spills the beans to Padma, and Laloo is in a soup!!


Suniel Shetty ... Lalchand Dilachand (Laloo)
Masumi Makhija ... Padmashree Divakar Kashyap
Mahesh Manjrekar ... Advocate Prasad Pritam Pradyuma
Johnny Lever ... Yadav
Gulshan Grover ... Johnny
Sharat Saxena ... Uncle Tom (Laloo's uncle)
Kim Sharma ... Rita
Anupama Verma ... Mrs. Pradyuma

Puerile humor, shoddy script, below-average performances - PLPY is actually a case study of what happens when a poor script is sloppily converted into celluloid buffoonery by a director who likes to lend a touch of realism to his work.

The film has Sunil Shetty playing a flirtatious character called Laloo, who can't remain faithful to his girlfriend Padma, played by Masumeh Makhija . Frustrated with Laloo, Padma goes to Cape Town to find some precious jewels that rightfully belong to her. The jewels are locked in a safe in a bank there.

Laloo reunites with Padma in Cape Town and together with a local goon Yadav (Johnny Lever), he robs the bank. But the loot is hidden somewhere by Yadav's boss who is caught by police. Here, enters into picture Prasad (Manjrekar), a lawyer.

Padma plays love game with Laloo and Yadav to get her hands on the jewels. Laloo and Yadav further play the game of upmanship with each other. And so the movie goes on until its expected end.

It embarrasses a viewer to see that Sunil Shetty still hasn't been able to catch the nuances of acting after years of working in films. But if a man like Manjrekar can falter, why blame Shetty. 

Only Masumeh Makhija makes some impression in the film. Other two girls - Kim Sharma and Anupama Verma - only add oomph to the otherwise unwatchable movie.


Many books have been written in praise of Yadav by local writers including Lalu Chalisa and Lalu Hala. Entertainers, in television and film industry, mimic Yadav for their profession. According to a media report, many local barbers and saloons are earning money by offering what they call the Lalu style hair cut. A barber of Hajipur was quoted saying, "The style is a craze among the youths and even policemen".[26] Yadav has been recognised as a brand on his own amongst a few industries in rural Bihar.[27]

A Patna-based company had launched "Lalu Khaini" (tobacco) in 2004, which was a hit. In 2005, Speedage Corp. introduced "Laluji" dolls that became popular with kids. In 2006, Lalu ka Khzana, a chocolate produced by New Delhi-based Chetak company, became very popular with kids in rural areas of north Bihar districts like Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi and Madhubani. The wrapper of the chocolate packet depicted two different caricatures of Lalu — one as a politician and the other as a magician. More than 100,000 packets were reportedly sold.[28] A cheap cosmetic pack branded as Lalu Chale Sasural ("Lalu goes to in-laws house") had become extremely popular among rural Bihari girls, especially in the areas such as Vaishali, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Samastipur. Each packet, priced at Rs. 23 (rouglhy half a dollar), contains items of daily use like face powder, cream, earrings, sticker, and a necklace.[29]

In June 2006, Prakash Agro Industries in Bihar started selling cattle fodder under the brand name Lalu Pashu Aahar. It was reported that the outcome of this branding strategy had surpassed the company's expectations and they were facing problems in meeting the huge demand for their fodder[30]

Yadav has a sizable fan following in Bollywood, which includes actors Sunil Shetty and Raza Murad and directors Mahesh Manjrekar and Mahesh Bhatt to name a few. Indian actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha, who is a political opponent of Yadav, once said, " Had Yadav not been a politician he could have been an actor".[31] Mahesh Bhatt has gone to the extent of saying that Yadav deserves to become Prime Minister of India.[32] A Bollywood movie titled Padamshree Laloo Prasad Yadav was released in 2004. Though his name appeared in the title, the movie was not about him, but had characters named Padmashreee, Laloo, Prasad and Yadav.

These incidences as viewed by some people as an attempt by the mainstream media to make deliberate fun of Yadav's accent.Though the movie was not a hit, it was made n good comedy of some of the legecy


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