09 May 2010

Mexican actress Barbara Mori has gone topless for her upcoming film, Kites, opposite Hrithik Roshan.

While the film’s Hollywood promo shows a topless Hrithik and Barbara engaged in a passionate lip lock, the Bollywood version is relatively tame, with the topless scene edited out and a mere blink-and-miss smooch between the two.


While director Rakesh Roshan has denied there being any topless scene, saying that he doesn’t make “such films”, his statement contradicts the film’s promos doing the rounds online.

Netizens who’ve seen both the trailers aren’t pleased at such ‘double standards’. Says Sameer Gupta, on YouTube, “We have had actresses flaunting their bare back in earlier Hindi films as well… then why not this time?”

While Ajith40 posted about the Hollywood trailer, “This is awesome… took my breath away,” Neena Sharma, a Hrithik fan, says, “Why such double standards? Then we claim Indian cinema is progressing!”

Vinayak Azad, regional officer, Censor Board, said, “We certify the (Bollywood) version of the film that we’re shown. When I watched the film, there was no topless scene. We don’t necessarily censor a bare back or topless scene, it depends on the situation and the way it is shot.”

Citing a possible reason behind the scene not being there, trade analyst Komal Nahata says, “Kareena Kapoor’s topless scene in Kurbaan fetched the film an A certificate. Kites must be looking for a U/A certificate, keeping in mind Hrithik’s popularity among kids after Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh.”

—Inputs from Neha Sharma

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