09 May 2010

Qaeda threatens to abduct Harry, if he flies Apache helicopter

Al-Qaeda has threatened to abduct Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, if he dares to fly an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan, a media report said on Sunday.

"It would be wonderful if we capture this b*****d alive after shooting down his Apache," Sunday Express reported
citing one of the several warnings posted on an Arabic website of Al-Qaeda.

"Wouldn’t it be sweeeeeeeet if the Mujahideen could capture" the 25-year-old prince, another post said.

Harry's military ambitions, who has been selected for the attack helicopter training last Friday, seem to have enraged
Al-Qaeda supporters.

The Al-Qaeda web forum that is popular among its British followers was the first to issue a video in which a spokesman
for the Pakistan Taliban apparently claimed responsibility for the attempted car bombing of Times Square in New York.

The site receives most of its posts from jihadists based in Europe and the USA, researchers believe.

Harry is thought to be the brain behind the killing of about 30 Taliban fighters, when he was on his secret
deployment to Afghanistan in 2008 as a forward air controller, the report said.

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