09 May 2010

Indonesia under attack of the Natural Forces. Aceh was hit by a major earthquake.

Aceh, on the island of Sumatra(Indonesia), has another event to grief upon. It was recently struck by a major earth-quake, hopefully, there's no of tsunamis following up. The people living hardly had time to recover from the previous attacks, than another one strikes them.

Aceh coast on the island of Sumatra [Indonesia], was recently hit by a powerful earthquake of magnitude atleast 7.2 on ricter scale according to the local Meteorological and Geophysics Agency. Aceh is the same place that was devastated by the killer waves of the 2004 tsunami. This is a really sad day for the Aceh residents.

The coastal residents of Aceh fled their homes expecting a Tsunami after the Earthquake. Officials said there were no reports of damage or casualties from the latest quake to strike Indonesia.

The Aceh Earthquake was feared so much by the local residents for the only reason that they din't want another Tsunami hitting them hard. A local tsunami alert was issued by the Indonesian government but lifted about 90 minutes later.

The quake hit the southwest of Meulaboh on the Aceh coast of Sumatra Island of Indonesia at 12:59 pm (0559 GMT).

Sumatra has already experienced 2 earthquakes in the last two months and they don't really want one more to disrupt their lives. The Meteorological Department of Malaysia, which lies to the north of Sumatra said there was no threat of a tsunami in the country!

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