01 June 2008

Shitikanth might not continue at Indian Institute of Technology

Shitikanth might not continue at Indian Institute of Technology

While IIT directors are encouraging the young students to take up research work rather than going for a lucrative job, Arun Kumar Baranwal, father of IIT-JEE topper Shitikanth, is yet not convinced with the efforts being made by the institutes.

Talking to TOI over phone from Patna, Baranwal said, "Shitikanth might not continue at Indian Institute of Technology for long because he is determined to go for research in Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology". He also said he wanted to join MIT for full-fledged research work, the institutes here in India were keener on giving classroom knowledge.

Reminiscing son's dialogue, he said Shitikanth, around one year back, shared his dream to go to MIT and do research in Physics. "Though initially we were surprised but we knew he was different to other children and would do things differently, " he added.
More surprisingly, he is not at all in administrative services as he says, "No one even recognizes IAS, once he retires from his post." All set to go to Hanoi in June for Physics International Olympiad, Shitikanth would receive gold medal from Chief Justice of India for being topper in National Science Olympiad on June 1, said proud father.

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Shitikanth said...

hey....... i think thr has been some misunderstanding.... i m definitely joining the iits.... in fact i m already thru the counselling process n m taking up iitk cse.... i may want 2 do higher research abroad though

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